Roadmap To Success

Performance Strategy: results for you, your team and your company. “We knew where we wanted to go. Carl showed us the...

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Carl Changed Us

Eric La Plante & Brennan Reichart President (Eric) and Vice President (Brennan), Native-Scapes of Colorado, Inc.
As our company was growing, it became clear that our leadership style needed to change. Carl changed us. We are now more effective and productive and our employees appreciate us more than ever. They see the potential they have with us.”

Now I Have Clarity

International Director for a large medical device firm (Confidentiality Requested)

I began working with Carl as a seasoned manager; frequently approached by colleagues, subordinates and other junior employees for business or career advice. In working with senior management, however, my ideas and visions were rarely adopted and at times appeared under the authorship of another. My communication with senior management was simply ineffective!  With Carl I was able to get to the root of these ineffective communications.”

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Carl Helped Me Realize What I Wanted Out Of Life

Lori Rovinsky Coronary Account Manager Volcano Corporation, a Philips Company

I was working for a medical device company and making more money than I could have dreamed possible. I was also newly divorced with a 4-year old, and had lost track of what was really important in my life. A neurosurgeon client recommended Carl Gronberg. Our initial work together was in person, intense and powerful.”

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Great Culture

Mike Campion, Chief Shade Officer (CEO) Killer Shade, Inc.
I know how to create great culture in a company. Carl has showed me how to achieve great results–far more than I ever dreamed I could.”

Raising the Bar

Kathy Brockman , Managing Partner, JEN & Associates, LLC
I discovered I must raise the bar for both myself and my employee. The difference? We’re having a better time, doing an even better job, while I work fewer hours! Thanks, Carl.”